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Oxo Tot

Oxo Tot Formula Dispenser aqua

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Cap swivels out of the way for easy, one-handed pouring.

Whether you are gone for a few hours of a full day, make feeding away from home stress-free with the OXO Tot Formula Dispenser.

This compact Dispenser has three compartments that each hold enough powdered formula for a 9-ounce bottle.

When it's feeding time for baby, simply turn the lid until it clicks into the desired compartment and lift the cap.

The cap conveniently swivels and stays out of the way for one-handed pouring.

The clear body has indents for comfortable handling and allows you to easily see which compartments are full.

The compact size is sized to store in your diaper bag.

Rounded corners on the inside of the Dispenser ensure all the formula easy pours out - no more powder stuck in crevices - and the smooth interior is more convenient for clean up!

When your little one gets too big for bottles, the Dispenser can also hold oatmeal rice cereal or snacks for munching on the go.

Features & Benefits:

  • Caps stays out of the way for one-handed pouring
  • Holds enough powdered formula for three 9oz feedings
  • Entire lid rotates to line up over each individual compartment.
  • Body provides visibility into compartment to indicate contents
  • Indide corners are rounded for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Curved shape is comfortable to hold while turning and pouring
  • Compact shape is easy to store in diaper bags
  • Watch the video to learn more about Formula dispenser!

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