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Janod Magnetibook Crazy Face

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With Janod's Magnetibook Crazy Face, never wonder how to dress up crazy faces again!

Designed in France, this handy book-shaped box is great for travel and includes everything you'll need to try all kinds of different faces: 67 magnetic pieces with 12 different crazy faces.

Simply put up the card that contains the face you'd like to match and find the pieces in the box that make up the look .

Or you can explore and see what fun and crazy expressions you can make one your own!

Your Magnetibook comes in a great box disguised as a book that, once the cover is opened, creates the perfect dressing stage.

Store and sort all your Magnetibook pieces in the different compartments so you're always ready to create!

  • Janod's Magnetibook helps boost creativity and fine motor skills
  • Designed in France
  • Perfect for travel and easy to bring along anywhere - just open the cover and you're ready to play!
  • Contains 12 different crazy faces and 67 magnetic face pieces

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