About Us


Our mission is to be a dynamic online source of inspiration for lovers of modern design and interior décor in Canada.

Like you, after working on several home decorating projects we've realized that it’s not easy finding beautiful and intelligently designed pieces for the home.  In Canada, the selection often seems limited and so buying that great item that you saw in the latest issue of Metropolitan Home or Dwell means lengthy searches for a retailer that will actually deliver it to you and even longer waits for it to ship, clear customs, and make it to your home.  We’re here to offer you a modern solution and a simplified process.

Modern Karibou highlights the creations of established and emerging designers and artists from around the world and champions and celebrates home-grown, innovative talent.  In addition to featuring a beautiful selection of unique modern furniture and accessories, we’ll help you identify great contemporary design ideas for your home and make them easily accessible.


Canadian style is distinctive, pluralistic and fresh. With three founding cultures – English, French, and First Nations - and a multitude of other cross-cultural influences, our diversity shows in our style.

We are progressive thinkers and imaginative souls. As a young and dynamic country, we are open to the World and all the innovations it has to offer.

We’re inspired by our landscapes, prairies, mountains, oceans and seasons. Our climate makes us spend a lot of time inside, which makes us want to surround ourselves with natural elements, organic textures and earthy colours. Our homes are functional and welcoming, but are also beautiful and refined. Modern Karibou’s collections will be a reflection of all these elements.

Whether you live in a big city, small town or a more remote region, we believe everyone should have access to great design. Our goal is to make it available to you.


Going the mass-production route has usually been the easier choice, but is often uninspiring and lacking in quality. We want to offer you an alternative to the large generic stores.  We encourage small and large scale suppliers and designers, who do not eschew fine workmanship and attention to detail, in favour of mass production.

Building good working relationships with our suppliers and knowing their methods of production, will ultimately benefit you - our customers. We’re passionate about this and we’re on a continual quest to provide you with exciting and high quality design that will meet your needs and your vision.


We firmly believe that global warming and its effects represent one of the gravest challenges to ever face our planet and we want to be part of the solution. We’re always on the lookout for products made from renewable resources that are manufactured in ecologically responsible facilities.  Check out our Eco-Friendly section where you can see some of our great forward-thinking partners.


With Modern Karibou you’re not just a faceless customer whose order comes across our computer screens.  We want you to feel free to contact us if you need personal assistance or if you have any questions or comments about our products.

If you want to recommend a product line or designer you would like to see featured on our site, drop us a line, we’d love to hear about them.

What else makes us different?

    • In case you hadn’t noticed already… we’re Canadian! 
    • Easy site navigation 
    • Lots of detailed pictures and descriptions 
    • Brand and designer profiles 
    • And best of all – you can shop in your pyjamas!

Our objective is to foster a fun web-based experience where you can shop quickly (or leisurely, it’s up to you) and feel confident about it.

Come back and see us often to discover what’s new. You might just find that perfect dining table to entertain family and friends, or that luxurious bedding to lounge in on lazy Sunday mornings. 

Your home is a reflection of your unique personality. So go ahead, let creativity and inspiration reign. This will bring a sense of vitality and novelty to your spaces and ultimately, to your life.

We hope you enjoy!