There is a lot more to furnishings than meets the eye and our Modern Karibou symbols were created to help you make informed decisions about the products you are thinking of purchasing.  It’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying and so we tell you everything we can - from where the products are manufactured and designed to what raw materials are used and where they are sourced.

Awareness is key if we are to change the way we live our lives and in that light most of our products are clearly labelled with the information provided by our suppliers.  Although we still have some ways to go to be ideal global citizens, every effort we make is a step in the right direction.  Like you, we are aware that more needs to be done and not only will we continue to improve our own practices, we will also actively encourage designers and suppliers to be more eco-conscious.  Information about our products will be updated on a regular basis.

The idea is to feature furnishings that make you feel good and proud and help you create a beautiful and comfortable home. 


Made in Canada

We are proud to support our Canadian designers, manufacturers and craftspeople.  Products bearing this symbol are designed and made in Canada.

Designed in Canada

Products bearing this symbol were imagined and designed by Canadians but not produced in Canada.  Some Canadian designers live and work abroad and some find that the economic realities of the furniture business force them to have their designs produced in other countries in order to be able to offer them at an appealing price point for consumers. 


We love the aesthetic and quality of handmade pieces and we are proud to support the hard work, know-how and dedication that is behind them.  Products bearing this symbol are made by hand.

Natural Materials

At least 50% of the product or material must have been produced using natural materials.  When looking at a product that bears this symbol, you’ll find more detailed information about its contents when you click on the ‘specs’ and/or ‘more info’ tab located on the product’s own page.


We are especially proud to showcase products which were made using practices and materials that are pushing home decor towards a more responsible and sustainable future.  Products with this symbol are made using non-toxic materials and/or water based finishes, use formaldehyde free plywoods, or are Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) free.  Products must be designed to last, with practices that reduce waste and consume less of our natural resources.


We believe that in order to have a minimal impact on the environment, true sustainability is achieved through a balance between process and materials.  Products that bear this symbol are made from renewable and sustainably managed resources or recycled (or recyclable) materials.  For wood-based products, this means they must be made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, locally sourced lumber from managed forests, reclaimed wood or must be FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). 


Products bearing this symbol are made from materials or fibres grown with the use of fertilizers or pesticides that are strictly of animal or vegetable origin, using methods and practices that minimize pollution from air, soil and water and enhance the ecological balance of natural systems into an ecological whole.

Supporting People

Call us naive or call us optimistic, but we truly believe that helping people will ultimately help make this a better world.  Apparently, some of the brands we carry feel the same way.  We are proud to support companies who take it a step further and help the less fortunate, whenever and however they can.


Good design is not only about the concept of beauty but also about inventive forms in conjunction with material and technical innovation which results in a piece that is adaptable for various uses.  A multi-functional product means having fewer pieces in your home, which ultimately means less clutter and less waste.


Products bearing this symbol have been endorsed by user reviews and/or Consumer Reports and come highly recommended. 

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