Brand Profile:

The Goo-Goo Baby story is not unlike other businesses which started from a basic need.  When her son was born, Rea Tarnava ended up with 23 different bibs before he was even 12 weeks old, and not one of those bibs worked.  Sharp Velcro fasteners that cut his skin, fabrics that leaked through onto his sleeper and toxic PVC plastic trough bibs were among my choices.  With her background in Architecture and time off on maternity leave, she quickly got to work creating a line of non-toxic products based solely on their function for babies and young children. Goo-Goo Baby products are created from high quality sustainable and biodegradable materials. 

As one of the first Canadian Juvenile Products Manufacturers to produce products phthalate free and lead free starting back in 2005 (years before north Americans even knew what a phthalate was) Goo-Goo Baby attracted the attention of IRAP.  Receiving grants in 2008 and again in 2010, The National Research Council and the Industrial Research Assistance Program worked with them in the development of new materials and new markets worldwide.

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