Brand Profile:

With the introduction of the HiLo chair, AGE Design (AGE) raises the standard in design of children’s furnishings. The first of several new children’s products to be introduced by this talented, young design firm, the HiLo chair is where intelligent design meets contemporary styling. The colorful, dual-height chair serves parental aesthetics for modern interiors, while keeping toddlers well seated from 6 months to 6 years.

“The HiLo chair is intended to win people over gently, with intelligent and simple solutions rather than attention-grabbing bravura and complicated features,” says Geneviève Grenier, design partner. “As industrial designers, my husband Patrice and I simply want to achieve a better chair. By better, we don’t just mean more attractive or more functional, but all-around better at being part of the human environment.”

The HiLo chair is designed and manufactured in Quebec.


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